Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Policy

The TRTC respects the intellectual property rights of everyone and we expect the same respect from all other peoples. The TRTC will always respond to the notices that come due to the infringement of the DMCA Act. The policy of DMCA will explain the process of notifying TRTC about any copyright infringement.

Notification of Alleged Copyright Infringement:

If any person in the future believes that the content on the TRTC does not follow the copyright rules and infringes your copyrights, you can send us the proper notice as per the procedure explained below.

  1. In the notice, you have to mention the work that is infringed as per your copyrights. If you think more than one work is copied, you should send us all the copyright work details in one notice.
  2. You should identify the object/article/image that is copied and whether you want them to be removed from the TRTC website or want to disable the access.
  3. In the notice, kindly specify the proper contact details of you so that TRTC can contact you. Like, write your Email ID, phone number, address, etc in the notice.
  4. You should provide a statement with the notice that all the information about the copyright is correct in the notice and it will be go for perjury as per the law if the information is incorrect.
  5. In the notice, you must have an e-signature or physical signature.

Submitting a Notification:

All the notices that are related to the infringement must be delivered to TRTC

Email ID-

Counter Notification:

If you find out that an object/article that is posted by you on the TRTC website is now removed and access to this is disabled. Then, you can go for the counter-notification as per the below instructions.

  1. You must identify the object or article that is removed or access denied and should tell us the exact location of that object in the notice.
  2. You should attach a statement showing that the object was removed by mistake and you are under the penalty of perjury.
  3. In the notice, you should specify the name, phone number, and address of the court under your jurisdiction.

Submitting a Counter Notification: You can submit any of the Counter notifications to the email ID

Repeat Infringers: The ISC Board has the right to terminate the accounts of the users who repeat infringers.

Modification of Policy: In the future, if the DMCA policy of TRTC is updated, you will get the updated DMCA Policy here.

Contact Information: If you have any doubts regarding the DMCA Policy of TRTC, you can contact TRTC through the below Email ID.